Mandatory Visa requirements

Australia OSHC provide policies by the OSHC providers which is mandatory by the Australian Government as requirement to fulfil your international student visa.

Reliable Insurance

Reliable Insurance

Affordable OSHC Plan

Affordable OSHC Plan

You can save up to $300

You can save up to $300

buy Best OSHC Plan

buy Best OSHC Plan

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Australia OHC is one stop shop where you can compare all six Australian government-approved OSHC providers in one place, one click away. Explore the features and pricing of all providers to make the right decision for you.


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We have Widest Choice of Plans from different health partner who further come with an even larger array of healthcare products and services to offer.

Insurance Requirement for your health

It’s a mandatory visa requirement to have health cover while you staying in Australia


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Overseas Student Health Cover is a compulsory health insurance product required by international students studying in Australia.

If you have any query feel free to mail us

If you have any query feel free to mail us

If you have any query feel free to mail us

If you have any query feel free to mail us

Australian Overseas Student Health Cover

Australian Overseas Student Health Cover is a mandatory requirement for all international students who are aiming to study in Australia. It covers the length of your stay and gets you covered with your health and wellbeing!

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You can save up to $300 by comparing OSHC policy.

Get yourself insured now! Find, compare & buy the best OSHC. Planning to visit, study or work in Australia? You may need a Health Insurance Cover!

Most frequent questions and answers

OSHC is a health insurance (health cover) designed to help international students to cover the costs of medical and hospital treatment international students may need when having accidents or illnesses for your duration of staying in Australia. 

Being an international student in Australia, it is a mandatory requirement that you be covered under OSHC. A student has to cover OSHC during the entire length of their stay.

OSHC covers your doctor’s visit and that is covered for by 100%. Hospitals including accommodations, operations, day services etc. It also pays a certain amount towards the prescription medicines. And also emergency ambulance services.

OSHC only covers you while you are in Australia.

Australia is a country that boasts one of the best health standards in the world. And, to maintain those standards, migrants looking to visit, study or work in Australia are required to meet minimum health requirements to be granted a visa.

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