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Visiting Australia? And Need a Health Insurance Cover?

If nib is with you, you know you have the best health insurance cover for Australia on your side.

Why Choose nib?


Being one of the largest health insurance providers for Australia, there are already more than a million people across both Australia and New Zealand who trust that they're absolutely in safe hands.


With an access to more than 460 agreement private hospitals, our network of health service centers is broad, to say the least, within Australia.


We are here, real people, fully understanding the real life problems that arise, when it comes to human health. And in keeping with our mission to be of service to other people by being a health service provider to reckon with, we also ensure to be a world class and one of the friendliest customer service providers at nib.

About NIB

nib has always prided itself to be a leading facilitators of proper healthcare and wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand. With more than a million residents, over a hundred thousand international students and workers, plus expats who work and travel overseas having put their trust on us, we have come to become one of the fastest growing health and medical insurance providers in Australia Our main mission that we always adhere to, is being a healthcare service provider that everyone can have an access to, and can well afford as well.

  • Main Features
  • An nib health cover will help you pay for your doctors and specialists in time of need.
  • All our health plans meet the visa requirements put up by the Department of Immigration.
  • You can be the primary visa holder, either single or with your partner/spouse and/or any children under the age of 18 as listed on your student visa; nib will make sure they all get covered.