What’s covered by OSHC in Mental Health?

What’s covered by OSHC in Mental Health?

When your studying your mental health is extremely important as your physical health. Working and living in a foreign country can be very stressful and when deadlines and assignments are added in it you must develop a way to maintain a healthy outlook.

If you feel that you need some kind of support, it can be difficult to understand who to approach. One start line might be through your university or college. A lot of universities have an International Student Support (ISS) team which seem to be a good place to turn to for advice and support. Team members can help you find a doctor, and may be able to arrange for a temporary reduced study load or time away from your course, without it affecting your visa.

Your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) can help you with the cost of medical treatment, but there are some important questions to address when it comes to accessing health services. What if I even have a pre-existing psychological state condition? A pre-existing condition is an illness or condition that you were suffering from in the six months before arriving at your study destination’ even if you werent already diagnosed by the date your visa was granted, or when you arrived. If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, there is a waiting period before you can access services in Australia under your insurance policy.

You are ready to see a medical man at any time, but it’s important to remember that your insurance might not cover treatment during the waiting period. This means, you???ll need to pay the full cost for any treatment yourself. A medical practitioner approved by your health insurance provider will assess your individual situation, and you???ll need to give them all the information about your condition, including details of any previous treatment. If they diagnose it as a pre-existing condition, you???ll need to wait to be ready to claim treatment on your insurance. The waiting period is calculated as 12 months starting from whichever date is later: * The date you or your dependent (if you need to access services for a spouse, child or other family member) arrived in Australia * The date your Student Visa was granted Are there waiting periods for psychiatric treatment?

Seeing a psychiatrist with a pre-existing condition means that you have shorter waiting periods. Most insurers only require a two-month wait until you can access services. Psychiatric treatment involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of mental health conditions, and you must be treated at an approved psychiatric facility if the benefits are to be payable.

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